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Leggings and cycling shorts for choreography: comfortable and functional models for dance training

The best age to start doing sports or choreography is around 4 years old. At such a young age, kids can not choose the right clothes for themselves. Adults should help in this matter.

How to choose a training uniform

Dance wear includes various leotards, cycling shorts, leggings, leggings, and tops. When choosing a suit, look at the fabric, tailoring quality, size, and price:


The best fabrics are supplex and cotton. Natural fabric with the addition of elastane allows the body to breathe. The athlete does not overheat and does not freeze. Synthetics dry quickly and do not wrinkle. And if there are problems with allergies, then it is better not to select nylon, but to opt for elastane. Leggings and cycling shorts can be bought in our online store, we have a very large selection of goods.

Sewing quality

There is a prejudice that the more expensive a thing is, the better it is. There are manufacturers in the country who are on everyone's lips. We are not shy, this is us. Our products are known outside the country. These suits are practical and comfortable to wear for a long time. Leggings and cycling shorts have a low cost compared to imported manufacturers.


Leggings should sit on the figure. They should not hang down or hinder movement when turning, jumping or twisting the body. The number of stitches should be kept to a minimum. They are made elastic and do not bring discomfort when touching the skin, and besides, they have an affordable price for buyers.