Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes for gymnastics: the best models for exercises and performances

Do you want to choose durable and comfortable shoes for a young gymnast? We offer to purchase soft ballet shoes for gymnastics, which will successfully replace traditional gymnastics shoes. Such models, made of soft genuine leather, will be a great addition to any costume, be it training leggings and a t-shirt, or a bright leotard for a competition, embroidered with rhinestones.

What buyers need to know

Before selecting gymnastic ballet shoes, we recommend measuring the length of the foot, and selecting shoes exactly in size. It is not recommended to buy it in advance, for the future, because ballet flats that are too loose can rub the skin and lead to unwanted injuries. Too small – they will squeeze the legs and hinder movement.

In our catalog, you will find:

  • Concise gymnastic ballerinas that will go perfectly with any outfit.
  • The most open models that will come in handy in training.
  • Professionally tailored products that can be safely worn to an important competition or large-scale performance, as well as used for photo shoots and video filming.

Please note: the heel of ballet shoes for gymnastics can be open or closed. The sock is of the greatest importance (its shape, quality, and strength of materials). After all, it is on him that the main emphasis falls on the performance of individual elements of the performance of gymnasts.