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Leotards for choreography: fashionable and practical options for dancing

Adults instill children's love for art and sports. Exercise is good for kids' health. But in order to have fun, you need the right swimsuit.

Highlights in choosing clothes for sports

There are a huge number of sports where a swimsuit is needed for training: classical ballroom dancing, rhythmic gymnastics, choreography, ballet. Before buying, ask the trainer about the requirements for dance leotards. It is necessary to pay attention to the style, quality of fabric and comfort in wearing. Let's break it down point by point:


Any sport involves long workouts, so your child should like a swimsuit. If he is admired, then classes will be held with joy. The style may be different, choose according to the taste of the child.

Selection of materials

The quality of the fabric should be on top. You should not buy a product only from cotton, it can immediately stick to the body. It will be uncomfortable in it, but synthetics, on the contrary, prevent the absorption of moisture. A good choice is cotton dance leotards at a bargain price, with the addition of elastane or lycra.

Comfort to wear

A swimsuit should be comfortable and pleasant to the touch. When examining, try to stretch it. A quality product will return to its original shape. Be sure to try on a swimsuit so that it does not restrict movement or fall off. Leotards for choreography can be bought in our store.