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Jumpsuits for choreography: stylish and comfortable models for dancing

We watched the gymnastic competitions at the Olympics with admiration, with bated breath we cheered for our ballroom dancers. These were real shows. But, as you know, behind this is the enormous work of the speakers and their coaches. We were especially impressed by the grace of the participants and their enchanting costumes.

How to choose overalls for choreography in Ukraine

There is clothing for competitions and daily training, which means that the requirements for them are completely different. We will consult on these issues:

Competition overalls at affordable prices

Competition clothing should be beautiful, of high quality and comfortable. Synthetic fabrics are allowed, but the costume must emphasize all the curves of the body so that the judges can see the accuracy of the competitors' movements. Tailoring of various styles is allowed, but convenience comes first.

Equipment for training

Requirements for sportswear are completely different. Children and adults spend hours in it. It should be suitable for intense physical activity. Firstly, manufacturers are concerned about the health of the consumer. All the seams are gentle and do not rub the body, and the fabric is an oil jersey, which is ideal for a person.

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