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Headbands and dance belts: accessories for all occasions

Want to update your favorite dance costume, or make it sound new? Even if you are wearing a modest solid color dress or a set of black leggings with a top, you can easily add a variety of bright details to them. We offer to purchase in our online store a variety of belts for Latin American dances, as well as stylish headbands. Such accessories will help you transform in a matter of minutes and make you look more memorable.

Accessories overview

Sashes can be worn over dresses, body-con jumpsuits, or one-piece swimsuits. They will play a purely decorative role, emphasizing the grace of the waist, and focusing the attention of the audience on the movements of the dancer. Belts are made of light fabrics, decorated with light fluttering fringe and other elements.

Latin dance headbands are small pieces of brightly colored fabrics. They are:

  • Classic (smooth, straight lines). The main emphasis is on the original texture and attractive colors of the material. For example, a fabric with sequins beautifully shimmers and shines in the beams of spotlights.
  • Twisted. Such accessories allow you to slightly open your forehead, as well as fix strands of hair.
  • Two-color bandages are sewn from combined fabrics. They are a good addition to the chosen image.

Choose belts and headbands in our catalog according to your taste, and order them with delivery to your city.