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Garment bags: the perfect solution for keeping your suit in perfect condition

A dance costume is the main attribute in the image of a dancer, so it must be impeccable. Torn off rhinestones, puffs, a wrinkled jacket or dress will be a real disaster before going out on the parquet. To avoid the influence of dust, moisture, natural precipitation, accidental stains or other damage to the costume, you need to use special portlets for dance costumes.

What should be the suitcase

FD Company online store presents portlets for men's, women's and children's dance costumes:

  • for puffy dresses and skirts, in which even the most voluminous outfit will remain neat;
  • for men's and women's suits, which does not allow moisture to pass through and protects against mechanical damage, creases;
  • children differ from adults in size.

Buying portlet for dance costumes, you get rid of the worries about the impeccable appearance during the tournament and the safety of your outfits when transported in transport, save time on additional ironing. Portlets are made of lightweight fabric that does not deteriorate after frequent washing.

Where to find the best portlets

FD Company, whose catalog contains a wide selection of shoulder straps, cases, bags for transporting dance outfits and accessories, as well as directly women's dresses, men's suits, children's outfits and other additional accessories for training and performances, makes sure that customers found everything you need to prepare for the exit to the parquet in one place. The presented items are selected for the quality of materials and durability, so when buying in our store, be sure that the product will last a long time. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine and around the world.