Half shoes

Half shoes for choreography: comfort and flexibility on the dance floor

Intensive workouts require light and flexible shoes, the best option is half shoes for choreography. They are made from quality materials. For example, it can be genuine leather, elastic textiles and mesh inserts.

Shoe Features

It is important to buy half shoes for dancing that will clearly match the size of your feet and personal preferences, so that classes and competitions bring joy, not discomfort. Half shoes for children and adults are characterized by the following features:

  • the toe is soft and rounded – these are different from ballet flats and pointe shoes;
  • front closed;
  • fixed with double elastic bands around the heel;
  • outsole is padded as the forefoot bears most of the load.

Produced in a neutral shade, merging with the body, and remain almost invisible, they help to focus the viewer's attention on the movements of the dancer. Determining the appropriate size is simple, the main requirement is that the sock should not squeeze, but gently wrap around the fingers, and with heavy movements – not stray to the side. The leather sole has a roughness, prevents slipping on the parquet and abrasion. The service life of shoes is relatively long, but it all depends on the intensity of use. When the elastic bands lose elasticity, you need to order a new pair.

You can buy half shoes, the price, and quality of which will please you. We will help you decide on the size and deliver the purchase in Ukraine.