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Leotards for dancing: beautiful and elegant for Latin dances

Do you want to pick up basic options for women's dancewear? Our online store offers to pay attention to stylish and elegant dance leotards. Such an element of the wardrobe is considered universal. The leotard can be used for classes as an independent suit, or combined with any bottom (skirts, trousers).

When buying, it is worth considering that the neckline in such models is made lower than in beach suits. But this does not affect the dance movements at all. According to their design, leotards for Latin American dances are piece and separate, with long or short sleeves.

Special offer

For bright performances, we suggest purchasing:

  • Multicolored swimsuits with a sophisticated sloping neckline. They have one shoulder completely open, giving the movements a special sensuality.
  • Models with one flared sleeve. It can be sewn from various fabrics, which gives the costume a special originality.
  • Products with transparent and lace inserts. They look really great!
  • Combination options made from 2 or more types of fabric. For example, a striped, long-sleeve top pairs well with a black bottom. And expands the possibilities for selecting the bottom. 

Neutral leotards for dancing are considered a hit of the last season; FD Company online store offers several options in beige tones for every taste.