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Garment сovers: protect your dance costumes from dust, dirt, and damage

Appearance is our business card. This also applies to ballroom dancers. An outfit can emphasize tenderness and grace, or convey the passionate nature of the dance. Choosing a dress, a suit is a responsible task, and when a suitable option is found, there is no limit to happiness. But how can a stain on a shirt, a puff on a dress or torn rhinestones or lace upset an athlete? To prevent such situations, you need a high-quality cover.

How to choose covers for dance costumes

The fabric of the cover must be wear-resistant and waterproof to protect the outfit from dust, moisture, rain, snow, and dirt during transportation. It was these covers that were picked up in the FD Company specialized store, because we know how important it is for an athlete to look neat and beautiful. Suit covers are made of water-repellent rubberized raincoat fabric with a zipper to neatly place and take out the outfit. Fabric of different color palette, resistant to frequent washing. With such a cover, you can be calm for the condition for performances. It can also be used for other purposes, such as a work suit.

Cases for dancewear, suitcases, and bags

On the website of the FD Company store, positions of women's, men's and children's outfits for ballroom dancing and training are presented. Also covers, portlets and others, accessories, including cosmetics, pantyhose, tailcoat accessories. All products are listed on their respective pages. A suitable color and size can be found using filters. Managers are ready to answer questions and help with the choice.

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