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Warm-up clothes: for arms, legs, and whole body

Modern ballroom dancing involves intense training with many complex elements. To help the child avoid convulsions, injuries, it is necessary to wear warm-up clothes during classes.

What are warm-up clothes for

When blood actively flows to the muscles, the metabolism accelerates, the body becomes more mobile. To speed up this process, special training kits have been created.

What tasks does warm-up clothing perform:

  • acceleration of metabolism and recovery after exercise;
  • preparing the body for intense exercise;
  • prevention of injury to muscles and ligaments;
  • flexibility development;
  • increased muscle tone.

The warmer the body is, the lower the risk of serious injury during exercise. Children's warm-up clothes include special blouses, leggings of various lengths.

How to choose a training set

When choosing the right piece of dance wardrobe, pay attention to the fabric and size. In order for the body to work actively, the thing must ideally fit the child in terms of parameters. Otherwise, the jacket will get in the way, and the leggings may fly off and cause injury.

The fabric from which the warm-up clothes for the girl are made is angora. Warm natural material perfectly passes air, preventing the greenhouse effect. You can find suitable clothes for dancing classes in the FD Company online store. The catalog contains many models of blouses and leggings.