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Warm-up clothes: protect against injuries and give mobility to the joints

Experienced dancers know well how important it is to warm up the muscles well before performances and training. This is facilitated by high-quality warm-up clothes from the FD Company. Everything in it is aimed at preparing the body for intensive training: soft fabrics, strong seams, comfortable material.

For arms, legs, and whole body

The catalog contains the following warm-up dancewear:

  1. Tracksuits made of trousers and sweatshirts with zippers. They are made of high quality double thread fabric. Cover all muscles and joints.

  2. Sweatshirts for warming up from dense fabric or knitwear. Presented in different colors, they have a fitted style so that the jacket does not interfere with the exercises.

  3. Warming clothes in the form of a bolero. Very short sweaters that help warm up the shoulder girdle.

  4. Pants allow you to warm up the lower body well before dancing.

  5. Robes can be used as a cape to keep warm between performances.

Special attention – spats

Gaiters are warm-up clothes for ballroom dancing that cover the feet, ankles, sometimes knees, and prepare them for a big load. The store has leggings in different styles and colors:

  • Short ones reach mid-calf. Necessary for warming up the ankle joint.
  • Medium fit reaches the knee. Contribute to the warming of the main leg muscles.
  • High rise above the knees. Covers the area of the knees and popliteal cups.

Choose your warm option to reach new heights.