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Accessories for ballroom dancing: create your own unique look on the dance floor

In dance sport, accessories for ballroom dancing are not the last. Their goal is not only to create an original image and decorate the costume. Many products that you will find in our online store are designed to extend the life of dance attributes, as well as protect against bruising when performing complex elements and to warm up the muscles.

Important details of the image — what we offer

In the artist's costume, every little thing plays an important role. The elegant details of the dance costume can fill the image with deep meaning. In the FD Company online store, you will find:

  • Hair jewelry. Hairpins, cobwebs and crochet bobby pins are handy and will help you style your hair for a nice and dainty look.
  • Costume accessories. In this category, you can find cuff links, fishnet pantyhose, collar buttons, bow ties, suspenders and much more. They will complement the style and draw the attention of the audience to you.
  • Shoe care products. To make shoes look well-groomed, spectacular and last longer, in our store you will find anti-slip products and special care creams, brushes for cleaning shoes, and heel covers.
  • Make-up products. These details should be selected very carefully. The range includes body tone, face painting, eyelash glue and other little things.

How to buy dance accessories

FD Company gives you the opportunity to buy accessories in Ukraine in several ways:

  • Add the item to your shopping cart and then pay online.
  • Call the number listed in the “Contacts” section
  • Request a callback using the chatbot.

Please note that the assortment of the store is constantly updated, and for regular customers and partners there is a loyalty system with a 5-30% discount, depending on the amount of the order.