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Men's dance vests: elegant classic style

Ballroom dancing is not only complex, fascinating movements, but also a classic style of outfits. Dancers independently assemble a costume for performances, consisting of many elements. Men's vests for ballroom dancing are an integral part of the outfit.

Features of choosing clothes for performances

The main difference between dance vests and ordinary vests is a more elongated shape, more buttons. Since this is outerwear that is worn over a shirt, special attention is paid to its decor.

Vests for the standard in ballroom dancing complete the look, but do not overload it. The fabric for this wardrobe item is thin and durable, most often gabardine. To prevent the body from overheating, the lining is not sewn on.

Where to buy quality dancewear

FD Company is the largest online store where you can collect a complete dance look for a boy, a young man or an adult at an affordable price.

Why you should buy a ballroom dance vest in our store:

  • large selection of models for dancers of all ages and sizes;
  • own production of clothes, taking into account the requirements of dance industry standards;
  • use of quality fabrics and unique patterns in the process of creation.

To find your size, please measure your bust, waist and hips, then compare your measurements with the size chart. Once your order has been confirmed, the item will be shipped directly to you. We deliver parcels throughout Ukraine.