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Shoe accessories: add functionality and style to your shoes

Shoes for ballroom dancing play an important role for an athlete. Choosing shoes for training and performances is not an easy task. Therefore, when a suitable shoe is found, I want it to last as long as possible. Proper care and quality accessories for dance shoes will help keep ballroom shoes in good condition for a long time.

How to choose accessories for shoes

Shoe care consists of several processes:

  • drying from excess moisture;
  • cleaning from dirt and dust;
  • replacement of heels;
  • correct storage.

A significant step in the care of dance shoes is cleaning the soles. The sole of the ballroom shoes is made of a special material with villi, which provides grip on the parquet. Dirty soles can become slippery, which can lead to injury. Therefore, it must be spotless after each workout and performance with a special brush. Rhythmic movements and frequent training lead to the fact that the heels on the shoes wear out quickly. Replacing heels becomes a routine task that takes time and money. Therefore, heel pads will be the perfect solution for this problem.

Where to find quality accessories for dance shoes

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