Ballet shoes

Ballet shoes for choreography: classic style and comfort on the dance floor

Meaningful dance classes and rehearsals require shoes that are flexible, comfortable, and light. Choreography ballet flats meet these requirements. They allow you to practice movements, perform at competitions.

Distinctive features and selection criteria

You can buy ballet shoes for choreography in our online store, which are made from durable and soft textiles with a flexible and plastic sole with leather inserts. The advantages of such shoes are impressive:

  • lasts long enough;
  • good adhesion to the parquet surface;
  • prevents unwanted slip and reduces the risk of injury;
  • preserves good mobility of the foot when moving.

Dance ballerinas have fixing elastic bands, few seams, well-made, simple design.

Peculiarities of choice: how not to miscalculate with a purchase

If you want to buy children's ballet shoes for dancing, we suggest using the services of our online store. We will help you choose the best option from our catalog. When choosing, you need to take into account the level of the dancer: soft models are suitable for beginners, and dense models for experienced ones, with reinforced inserts in the heel and toe area.

The correct size is also important: it must be very accurate, and for children you need to take half a size larger. Pay attention to the location of the elastic fasteners that help keep the shoes on the foot. Together with the coach or in accordance with the outfit, a color is selected. In our online store, you can quickly select and order goods at an affordable price.