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Warm-up clothes: prepare your body for training with our specialized clothes

Have you already picked up bright stage outfits and thought out in detail the future performance of the child? Now it's time to take care of what is of great importance for young athletes, but always remains behind the scenes. To prepare for a training session or competition number, you will need special warm-up clothes for gymnastics. It is sewn from more dense materials than ordinary suits, and allows you to prepare the muscles for serious stress.

Assortment line

Our catalog contains a variety of warm-up clothes at affordable prices. You will find there:

  • Sweatshirts with wrap effect and long sleeves. They are usually worn over tops, leotards or pantyhose, and do a warm-up.
  • Amazing free-cut tracksuits. They consist of a spacious jacket without fasteners and trousers with a wide elastic band. Provide effective heating of the muscles of the whole body.

Warm-up clothing is selected individually: it can contrast with the main costume, or vice versa — be in the same color scheme with it. As a rule, it is devoid of catchy decor and lace inserts. The main emphasis is on the texture, shade of the fabric and the convenience of the cut, as well as on the strength of the seams.

If you need high quality children's warm-up clothes, choose it from us according to the photo or description, referring to the size chart, and order it with fast delivery to your city.