Sneakers for dance: comfort and support on the dance floor

More and more people prefer an active lifestyle. And what could be better than dancing? Properly selected clothes and shoes are a guarantee of safety and good mood. So it's better to get acquainted with the information on how to choose sneakers or sneakers for dancing.

Model Features

Shoes for choreography are very important, because the health of your feet depends on their choice. For each dance direction, experts recommend selecting the appropriate pair to minimize the risk of injury and foot deformity. For currently popular break, hip-hop, strip-plastics and street dances, dance sneakers or sneakers are bought.

This model is different from classic sports shoes. Their sole is divided and located only under the toe and heel. The upper of the shoe is made from fabric, suede or soft leather. Sole material – textile. It is responsible for better cushioning, provides flexibility to the foot and does not restrict movement.

As a rule, dance shoes are universal and suitable for both men and women.

Purchasing considerations

Choosing good choreography shoes is very easy if you follow a few rules:

  • The sole should flex easily and evenly.
  • Laces and elastic bands improve the fit, so make sure they are secure.
  • Dance shoes are light. Excess weight leads to faster fatigue of the leg and makes it easier to move.

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