Professional choreography shoes: find the best combination of quality and comfort

To achieve success in dancing, you need to have both perseverance and patience, as well as high-quality training shoes. The same goes for performances. Choreography shoes are characterized by the following features:

  • Natural suede is used to make the sole, thanks to the fleecy surface, possible slipping on the parquet is prevented;
  • Insole is made of special materials that provide the necessary elasticity, softness and allow maximum lifting;
  • Outer insole is made of hydrophobic materials, incoming moisture is quickly removed, it can be made of microfiber that quickly absorbs liquid;
  • Dance shoes designed to fit snugly on the foot without hindering movement;
  • European and Latin American dance shoes have different models and lasts, but all pairs are made with ballroom dance moves in mind.

How to choose the right option?

For beginner dancers, you can purchase one pair for two programs, but experienced dancers will need several pairs, including choreographic ballet flats. Shoes «standard» have a closed design, and models for latin resemble sandals. For the smallest dancers, rating shoes are suitable – they have a block heel. Selecting the right shoes will help you reach your instep, balance, and spin more easily.

We offer to buy choreography shoes designed for competitions and training. The consultants of our store will help you make the right choice.