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Skirts and chitons for choreography: elegant and practical options for dance performances

People involved in sports or ballroom dancing know that bright and comfortable clothes are necessary for a successful performance. It is necessary to find out what skirts or chitons are for dancing.

Nuances of choosing a skirt and chiton for choreography

It doesn't matter what kind of dance people do: latin, oriental or ballroom dancing. Everyone needs these clothes. Let's figure out what a chiton and a dance skirt are and what they are.


A tunic is a wraparound skirt. It can be completely different: a tunic with ties, a fish, long or short, transparent or not. It is necessary to focus on the features of the figure, taste, and price. If a girl is thin, then she has a little more choice than girls with forms. So it is better to choose a model that is longer and without an excess of ruffles and flounces.


We have a huge range of goods for choreography and sports, and we are manufacturers, which means that you get goods inexpensively. The skirt should be light and airy, it should not impede movement. Various fabrics are used for sewing: chiffon, mesh, silk. Quality comes first. The seams should not be visible. If the costume is for a competition, it will be much brighter and more embellished. On stage, the dancer magnetizes the audience, and they should not take their eyes off the performer, which means that the costume and skill have merged.