Security policy

The «FD Company» online store does not only try to meet customer needs but also takes great care to protect the privacy of every customer. We respect your choice, so we do our best to keep sensitive customer information safe from third-party encroachment.

Personal Information

When our customers visit our site, they don't have to worry about being tracked because we don't do that. By browsing the site's sections, subsections, and pages, you can remain anonymous or gain access via an anonymous guest account. When you do this, remember that your browser automatically informs us of the type of electronic device you are using to access the internet, as well as the type of operating system it has.

The information you enter on the registration form and order form is the only personal information we have about you. You may be required to provide the following personal information:

You also have to provide the following personal information.

  • name and last name;
  • contact details;
  • email;

The data you provide is voluntary and is only needed to speed up the processing of your order in the online store.

How is personal customer information handled?

Personal customer information is used within very specific tasks: marketing analysis of the target audience's needs, wants, and recommendations. In particular, they are an effective tool for:

  • professional assistance provided by our consultants to customers at the time of orders;
  • discovering and correcting service deficiencies;
  • alerting about the news of the online store, new shipments, current promotions, and discounts;
  • technical support for users;
  • spreading promotions;

How is personal information protected?

«FD Company» keeps all the data you provide in a secure database and does not share it with third parties. Only if the user has consented to their transfer, or in cases prescribed by law, this option is possible. Otherwise, the online store «FD Company» is committed to the confidentiality of the information and is guided by the principles of decency and respect for the buyer.

Static information

To ensure the smooth functioning of the web resource and for a personal analysis of traffic statistics, we examine the IP addresses of site visits. The data we collect does not involve any customer privacy, nor does it involve any in-depth personal information, but rather is treated as generalized user statistics.


Personal data protection is not related to cookies. Cookies only make it easier to use various sites by automatically collecting certain kinds of information. Cookies are text documents stored by a website server on the hard drive of an electronic device. Cookies do not affect the operating system settings or the files on your computer, but they save you a lot of time. They let you do the following:

  • fill forms and fields quickly (name, last name, address, email, phone numbers, and so on);
  • save your settings on the site for future visits;
  • leave items in the cart for future checkout;

«FD Company» cares about every customer, so you can be confident we will provide professional and confidential service. We guarantee we'll keep your information private.