Bonus program «Triple bonuses»

We are pleased to present you our bonus program, which allows you to save on purchases and receive additional discounts. The bonus program represents various types of discounts that customers can receive when purchasing goods. A welcome discount of 5% is available on the first order, and a 10% discount is available on any order made within 3 days before and after the birthday. In addition, customers can receive discounts of up to 30% as part of the «Happy orders» promotion. To use discounts, you must meet certain conditions, such as registering on the site, using a promotional code, or sending a photo to Instagram.

Welcome, 5% off your first order**

Welcome to welcome you! As a welcome gift, we are offering you a 5% discount on your first order.

In order to use this bonus, you just need to register on the site and enter the promo code «WELCOME»* when placing an order in the site's basket.

It's easy: register, add items to the cart, enter the promo code and place an order. The discount will be automatically applied to all items in the cart.

Don't miss the chance to save on shopping and get your desired products at a discount! Thank you for choosing us!

Birthday with a smile: get 10% off any order**

Do you want to celebrate your birthday with a discount? We offer a special offer for our clients. Get 10% off any order placed within 3 days before and 3 days after your birthday.

To take advantage of this discount, enter the promotional code «BIRTHDAY»* when placing an order in the shopping cart of the site.

After placing an order, our manager will reach out to you to confirm information about your date of birth. To do this, you will need to provide a photo of documents that indicate your full name and date of birth.

After confirming the information, the discount will be applied to your order. Make your birthday even more special with our special offer!

Happy orders: get discounts up to 30%**

We are pleased to inform you about our new promotion, which allows you to receive up to 30% discounts on our products. Every 100th, 1000th and 10000th order number will be an opportunity for you to receive a discount of 10%, 20% and 30% respectively.

After verifying that you have indeed placed an order numbered 100th, 1000th or, 10000th, we will contact you and offer you a discount. We will recalculate the cost of your order, taking into account the discount, and you will be able to buy quality products at the most pleasant price.

In order to take advantage of discounts, you need to follow just three simple steps:

  1. Wait for us to contact you and offer you a discount after we make sure that your order number is 100th, 1000th or, 10000th.
  2. After receiving the order, take a photo of the product or take a photo in our products.
  3. Post a photo in your Instagram story, tag us ( and send a screenshot to a manager for confirmation.

Don't miss your chance to make your shopping even more profitable! Looking forward to your orders and Instagram photos.

*Please note that the promo code can only be used once. Once used, the promo code will become invalid. The promotional code is valid until 31.12.2024.

**Please note that discounts provided under the Rewards Program cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts that you receive as part of our loyalty system, during sales and special promotions. We also want to inform you that this offer does not apply to the category «Shoes and Accessories». Thank you for your understanding.