Choosing a suit for the Latin American program

What should be the costume in the Latin American program

Interested in Latin American dancing? Want to conquer the dance floor, but don't know where to start? Start with a costume, because a successful selection is half the success of your performance!

The costume for the Latin American program is the most sensitive to fashion trends. It can easily realize the true potential of a designer, fully meeting the main organizational requirements of the competition. External expression, complete harmony of details, brightness, and style are the main features of your ideal dance outfit!

But let's figure out what the costume should be in the Latin American program, following age requirements.

Strict rules apply to the Juvenile category. Since these are young children, their outfit must meet the following criteria:

  • landing strictly on the figure;
  • shirt for a boy of 5-shaped silhouette;
  • accurate processing of complex elements: cuffs and collars, belts and cuffs.

With the transition to the Junior-1 category, the rules of the costume are significantly relaxed. Now it resembles a standard adult costume but takes into account the peculiarities of the body structure of a teenager. Particular attention is beginning to be paid to the uniform style of the dancing couple, which manifests itself in the color and texture solution. Few decorative elements and rich colors are officially allowed.

Have you moved to the Junior-2 and higher category? The main rule is forgotten about the rules. Well, almost everyone. It is worth being guided by an adequate aesthetic taste and a sense of proportion. The right outfit for this category is the personification of a light touch of Latin American sexuality and temperament, combined with the harmony of lines and expressive chords.

Choose a bold accent in your costume and create your vibrant sound on the dance floor. Or dissipate your uniqueness in many details for a smooth and smooth performance. In a word, create choreographic masterpieces and sparkle in original costumes in any of the categories!