Dance shoes: important characteristics to know about

Appearance in dance classes is very important. But in addition to beauty and grace, shoes should be comfortable and safe. All movements of the dancer should be free and light, nothing should hinder them.;

Key parameters of dance shoes

Dance shoes must have the following characteristics:

  • Flexibility. Sharp movements in stiff shoes will not be as smooth. Stiffness, the discomfort will be felt. Good quality dance shoes always bend well.
  • Stable heel. Depending on the direction, its height may differ, but it should remain light and comfortable, allowing you to beautifully do various dance elements.
  • Exact size. It is necessary to take the shoes clearly on the leg since during use it will still stretch.
  • Closed heel and toe. This is the best shoe when you start dancing. As professionalism grows, they can be replaced with a pair with an open toe, but if this is acceptable in a particular dance direction.
  • Comfortable strap width. The allowed width of the strap on the shoes is up to 8 mm. At a larger size, the strap will dig straight into the leg as you move.
  • Lack of any discomfort during fitting. Shoes should not chafe, squeeze, or squeeze your fingers strongly.
  • Shoes should slide gently on the floor and not scratch or stick to it.

In color schemes, it is important to remember that black is a universal color. But for performances in competitions, flesh-colored shoes look more elegant. Plus, the legs are visually made longer.;

Having decided on the direction of the dance, it will be easier to choose shoes, since each direction has its requirements for this attribute.