Dance style is a key criterion in choosing shoes

Having decided on the dance direction, for the first lesson it is permissible to take ballet flats, gym shoes, in which the soul does not leave marks. In the future, you need to purchase professional footwear, depending on the style requirements.

For ballroom dancing

In the European direction, the shoes must be with a steel shaft. Leather or suede upper. A special strap is required for the strength of fixing the leg when moving. The height of a woman's heel ranges from 5 to 8 cm. The presence of heel protectors is required. The instep support should be flexible and soft. The insole is shock-absorbing and comfortable.

In Latin American dances, the shoe requirements are the same. The height of the heel in men's shoes is up to 5 cm.


Jazz shoes - this is how dance shoes are called, which is used in sports rock and roll, acrobatics, contemporary. Occasionally hip-hop. Stable lace-up shoes, shoes with very low heels are suitable here. The outsole is rubberized or splits for better traction.

Eastern dance

The technique of this style allows you to practice barefoot or in light gym shoes. Shoes can be decorated with beaded embroidery, rhinestones.;


Shoes can be used, but sandals with a closed heel, open or closed-toe, and a thin buckle look much more elegant. The heel height for women ranges from 5 to 11 cm. It is still worth starting to learn the tango in sandals with a minimum heel height. For men, these are graceful leather or patent leather boots with a standard heel.

Classical choreography

Professional ballet is just point shoes. For beginners and lovers of this direction, at first, comfortable shoes or ballet shoes will be quite enough. Classic colors - black, white, beige.;