What kind of dance to choose for yourself

Find yourself in the dance

Each of us is looking for our unique way of expressing ourselves. For one, it is an original profession, for another - creativity, for someone else - their style in the details. But dancing remains the universal and most powerful tool. Are you shy and silent, or expressive and energetic? Rest assured, you will find your dance style that will reveal every facet of your personality!

So, what kind of dance is right for you?

Hip-Hop and Popping are ideal choices if you:

  • reject all the rules;
  • cherish the feeling of freedom even in movement;
  • love sportswear and a feeling of lightness.

Rhythmic music and maximum activity - and you are the stars of the dance floor!

The classic program will be an excellent place for self-realization for you if you are a perfectionist by nature, a psychologist by a spiritual vocation, and are very sensitive to the outside world. A little timeless classics in music, smooth movements, and your soul will open itself!

Do you love endless summer, pair dancing, and sophisticated clothing? Then Reggaeton, Latina, and Vogue will capture your heart!

If you are a frequenter of clubs and fashionable parties, a lover of heels and "fit" outfits, an exceptional field of self-expression will be:

  • Go-Go;
  • High Heels;
  • Jazz Funk;
  • Booty Dance;
  • Twerk;
  • Dance Hall;
  • Fashion Dance, Lady Dance, and Strip Dance are for the most daring girls.

Are you a man who is also eager to dance, but cannot find a suitable sphere for yourself? Try Break Dance and show all the versatility of your inner world!

Couldn't find “your own” among the many dance styles? Do not rush to postpone the dream of a big dance floor for an indefinite "later"! Mixed styles called Mix Dance will help you get involved in the skillful world of dance art.

Find "your" dance, and you will see that even thoughts can dance!