How to choose a spectacular Latin dress

Latin American costume: creating a fabric expression

There is a Latin dance competition ahead, and the dress has not yet been matched? Would you like to know how to choose or create your own unique, expressive fabric masterpiece? Then you should know some nuances regarding this type of dancewear.

Dresses for the Latin American program are products characterized by a harmonious combination of decorative and constructive lines. This implies the presence of smooth contour lines of the outfit from all parts and details, as well as a variety of linear finishes (collars, cutouts on the back and sides).

The center of the dress should be a special detail loaded with meaning and expressing the main idea. These are all kinds of brooches, buckles, flowers, designs, and the like.

To add a special rhythm to the look of the dress, you can use the following elements:

  • drapery, flounces, and ruffles;
  • fringe and bugle trim;
  • clasps and bows;
  • fabric with an unusual print;
  • original twists of the fabric.

Also, be sure to pay attention to the color, texture, and ornament of the dress. By focusing as much as possible on these elements, the "star" effect is guaranteed!

To achieve maximum effect and radiance on the dance floor, look out for dresses decorated with Swarovski stones.

Do you want to strike as much as possible on the emotionality of the jury and the audience? Then an outfit with a massive texture of stones, beads, and other details will suit you!

But do not forget about the main rules for Latin American dance costumes:

  • everything should be in moderation;
  • you should seem to grow out of the dress, be a part of it, and not accidentally end up in it;
  • maintain harmony between the type of fabric and the accessories used.

But the main requirement, regardless of the color and decor of the dress, is to be emotional and truly live the dance!