How to choose the right dance clothes

To achieve a certain success in dancing and enjoy the process, it is important to responsibly choose clothes for classes. It should be more than just a collection of things that are stuck in the closet. Dancing clothes are part of the image and success, the opportunity to feel confidence and comfort in every movement.

What parameters should the dance form correspond to?

There are some factors to consider when choosing your dancewear. Among them:

  • Convenience and comfort. The product should not hinder movement. The fabric should be good for air permeability and at the same time absorb moisture.
  • The size. There is no need to buy small clothes that will be very tight-fitting. But taking a very large size and for growth is also not worth it. Since it will begin to subside, twist, and will constantly distract attention. You need to take exactly the size to the size.
  • Wear resistance. Dance clothes for classes will have to be worn 2-4 times a week and washed after each workout. Therefore, you need to choose a material that is resistant to stretching. The product will not lose brightness after several washes.;
  • Appearance. The shape should be like it and just perfectly fit.

Another important point is the price. Very expensive or cheap - not always of high quality. You need to look at the quality of the fabric and tailoring.

Choosing the right fabric

Knitted fabric, lycra or, oil fabric are used as the main material for clothing. Velvet, mesh, tulle are used in the decoration of products. In terms of convenience in training, the jersey is unconditionally in the lead. For a precise fit and flawless appearance, Lycra clothing should be preferred.