How best to dress a child for the first ballroom dance training

When planning the first trip to a dance lesson with a child, it is important to correctly think over the child's appearance, choose the right set of clothes and shoes, and do not forget about the hairstyle. Let's dwell on each of the points in more detail.


The best shoe option for a child unfamiliar with parquet and dancing in the first lesson is closed gym shoes. Moreover, many coaches are allowed to engage in them for a whole month or even more, until the child fully adapts. If the parents understand that dancing will become an integral part of the future life of their child, the child makes the first successes, then you can safely buy dance shoes. The heel height can be up to 3 cm and the training sensations will be completely different. There will be a feeling of confidence and responsibility for every movement, grace.;


Must be monochromatic. What color is the coach stipulate. This is an important factor in group lessons when the trainer's attention is not distracted by any bright details.

For boys, classic black trousers without pockets and a t-shirt or golf of the same dark color are suitable.

For girls, there is much more choice. This can be a juvenile dress, a dance leotard, a skirt made of heavy fabric to the knee, and a solid-colored golf top.


Boys should have a neat haircut. You can style your hair with or without a parting gel, but not necessary for training.

Girls should have their hair tied neatly. It can be a high tail, bun, braid. It all depends on the length. The main thing is that the hairstyle does not interfere with the partner.

It is significant to remember that choosing the right clothes will allow the child to feel more confident and comfortable, and will fully focus on mastering the elements of ballroom dancing.