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History of the company - «FD Company»

Close people are our most reliable support and support, so it is not surprising that the world's largest corporations are representatives of family businesses. Is family support at all levels of business critical? Certainly.

So we decided to share with you the history of our successful family company «FD Company». We know firsthand about dances and about everything that fills and surrounds them, we also strive so that you could not only learn about our unique products, but also buy them in any corner of our planet.

Tradition is what makes a family unique, and it unites all family members. The tradition of the «FD Company» company is, being among dancers, with the help of high quality, designer and comfortable clothing for dancing, to help talented people achieve success.

The family lived in dancing for a long time, but they managed to join this wonderful art and sport when their daughter Elena began to practice ballroom dancing in 1995. The person who was the parent of «FD Company» is Tatiana, the main ideological inspired, and now three times the grandmother of wonderful granddaughters. With the move to Kharkov in 2000, the family was looking for a new source of income, and since the family was all with their heads in art and associated themselves only with art, the idea of ​​creating beautiful training clothes at affordable prices arose quickly, it only remained to translate this idea into a life. In those years, in our country, training clothes for dancing were presented only by «Chrisanne Clover», which not everyone could afford. Sewing custom dance training clothes was also not cheap.

The first collection consisted of only 20 models (for comparison, in 2020 «FD Company» released more than 100 models of training for ballroom dancing and is developing about 50 more models). Further, the company quickly began to develop. In those years, the studio was the only one in Ukraine who produced training clothes for dancing, the demand for which was increasing every day. Since 2002, the products of the «FD Company» trademark have become popular and recognizable among dancers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan - this indicated that the brand is moving in the right direction and does what dancers like. Today the organization works with more than 15 countries, and is very proud of this result, but further.

We all know how time flies, so daughter Elena has grown up and as a person who knows what a dancer wants on the floor, she has been working on the «FD Company» collections of training clothes for several years. Even when creating her own family, fate did not stand aside, Lena married a wonderful dancer and coach Dmitry, who at one time was a multiple winner and prize-winner of many international competitions.

The young family has already delighted the grandmother three times with the addition of three beautiful daughters, two of whom are already in the world of art and sports - ballroom dancing. The eldest granddaughter Yelizaveta, who trains at the «Respect Dance Hall», has very impressive success: the couple Matvey and Yelizaveta, silver medalists of the European Championship, winners and prize-winners of «The Junior Blackpool Dance Festival», repeated winners of competitions and championships in Ukraine. Sofia, the middle daughter, is also already making her first successes in dancing, recently she took part in competitions for the first time and took 1st place. The youngest, Varya, is just taking her first steps, but will soon surprise her with her victories on the floor. Tatiana's grown-up granddaughters also began to take an active life in the family business - they became the face of the «FD Company» children's collections. All the successes and achievements of the family inspire all its members to new victories. The family is growing, family traditions continue, I want to move on and more, so the family for the company's anniversary is 15 years old, in May 2018 it decided to rebrand and now its name is «FD Company».

«FD Company» loves and appreciates each of its clients, so we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions in our work. We will gladly respond to all your comments and wishes. «FD Company» has a wealth of experience and invests a part of itself in your success. Dance with the family brand - «FD Company».

«FD Company» - everything for dancing, gymnastics and choreography

Dance has served people as a means of expressing feelings and emotions throughout the history of mankind. Harmonious movements, plasticity and sexuality fascinate and delight. Behind each dance there is a colossal work of dancers, choreographers, stylists. But there is another category of people who remain behind the scenes, but without effort, whose dance performance would have lost some of its brilliance and charm. They are the ones who create dance clothes and help dancers look their best. And «FD Company» - offers you the products of these masters.

The former CIS countries can rightfully be proud of their dance schools, in our countries dance is popular. But not all studios are located in Kiev, Moscow or Minsk? Where can you get dance clothes and everything else you need? Yes, and metropolitan dancers save every minute, especially before a responsible performance. So why waste time if all you need to do is browse the site, select model and place an order without leaving your home?

Why can we guarantee product quality

We sell high-quality goods of our own production, so we can guarantee with full responsibility that you will receive your order on time and will be satisfied with the products you receive.

We employ experienced and creative designers who closely follow all the latest trends and bring the best ideas to life. In addition, in the production of dance costumes, only high-quality elastic fabrics are used: supplex, gabardine, chiffon, crepe chiffon, mesh, tulle, stretch knitwear, velor, guipure, crepe diving, micro diving and many others. These fabrics are not only ideal for sewing, but also have all the necessary qualities, they stretch well, «breathe», do not cause allergic reactions, pleasant to both the body and the eyes. This is a demanding job that our craftsmen do perfectly. The quality of training clothes for dancing should be at the proper level, because it is the health and mood of the dancer. We know this and do not skimp on quality.

What do we offer you

In our online dance store, you can buy wholesale and retail everything you need for training and dance demonstration performances. Here you will find:

  • children's, women's and men's dance wear for training and demonstration performances;
  • accessories for stage performances and everyday use;
  • bags, covers and garment bags for dance wear and shoes;
  • jewelry and cosmetic tinting products;
  • dress shirts, ties, bow ties, cuff links and much more.

Customer benefits

Now many people are used to buying the necessary goods on the Internet, and this is correct, because it requires a minimum of time, it is cheaper, and therefore more profitable. In addition, we guarantee you:

  • individual approach and attentive attitude;
  • competent and detailed advice on any issue that has arisen, online or by phone;
  • any payment method convenient for you;
  • fast delivery in the most suitable way for you, regardless of your location;
  • a huge selection of quality products that meet the latest fashion trends and fully meet the requirements.

Do you like to dance? And we love to watch your numbers, and we are ready to help you turn a dance performance into an unforgettable, amazing show!

Contact us, we will be glad to welcome you to «FD Company».