April fool's day sale

April fool's day sale

April Fool's Day is an international holiday celebrated on April 1 all over the world. On this day, it is customary to play pranks on relatives, friends and just acquaintances. Scientifically proven, laughter has a positive effect on the emotional health of a person, it contributes to the production of the hormone of happiness that improves mood.

To give you even more positive emotions on this day, we want to please you with a profitable promotional offer that will provide you with the opportunity to purchase any goods with a -20% discount, and all this will take place on April 1 from 13:00 - April 2 until 13:00 - more than 1000+ promotional items and no queues are waiting for you!

Conditions of the sale:

  • Sale Period: April 1 from 13:00 - April 2 until 13:00;
  • Promotional offer conditions: 20% discount on all products, regardless of the quantity and amount of the order (loyalty system does not count and does not take part in this promotion offer);
  • Where you can buy the product: in the online store, on the instagram page, and in offline stores;
  • What product the promotion applies to: on all merchandise, in stock, in stores and on all items on the website;
  • Where the product is delivered: delivery of products all over the world, any way that is convenient for you - Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta, EMS, DHL;
  • How to pay for the product: payment for the product is made in any way convenient for you - money transfer, card payment, cash payment, cashless payment.

Hurry up, the promotional offer is valid for only 24 hours, do not miss your chance to purchase the desired goods.